So I am having an intense conversation right now with my amazing friend about the differences between girls and guys. Here’s what we have established: (WARNING: what you are about to read is biased and based on personal experience)
*guys tend to objectify girls and toy with their emotions
Ex: guys will often choose a girl who will put out over a decent girl but will lead the decent girl on to see how far she will go
*a hot guy will always be a hot guy no matter what and will get attention, but a pretty girl will only be a pretty girl unless she is the prettiest in the room
* guys think they have it tough when it comes to relationships but girls actually have it tough
Ex: girls must seek perfection in order to even catch a guys attention and guys well…. You just have to be there
Now this isn’t true for all guys and I’m sorry if this is insulting to some of you. There is a warning above though that tells you this is biased and based on personal experiences.



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Story of my life.  You may say I’m weird but I like it

Story of my life.  You may say I’m weird but I like it

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Shit a College Student Thinks About

So what is the shit a college student thinks about? Here’s a list:

Class and grades- I mean no shit.  About 75% of the mind of a college student is overcome by worries about grades and whether or not they will succeed in life.  No one wants to bring disgrace upon their family with their poor grades as a result of too much partying and too little studying. I mean who wants to hear the “you are such a failure” speech.

Girls/ Guys- No one wants to be labeled as the individual that is going to grow up to be the loner with the cats (meow!).  Everyone enters college looking for the love of their life.  It’s your freshman year of college, you’ll be lucky if you find someone to date for a week.  I’m not going to pretend I’m not guilty of this because believe me I am.  Remember the floor-cest (liking/hooking up with a member of your floor) mentioned above…yup, guilty along with 10 more people on my floor.  If the love of your life is on campus, they will find you; don’t go around dressed like a slut or acting like a pimp to get attention….IT WON’T WORK.

Social life- Parties, clubs, greek life, there is an endless number of opportunities to experience social life on campus.  Here’s the catch, there is such thing as being too involved.  An example: the frat boy that doesn’t know how to separate his drinking and studying or the lacrosse player who does nothing but practice all day and hope to get by (if you go to Hopkins you will understand this).  Here’s another catch there is such thing as being too UNinvolved.  An example: the individual who sits in the basement of the library all day only emerging to go to class.  So… find something you like and do it but do it in an accurate amount so that it acts as a stress reliever.

There are many more things alcohol, looks, jobs, internships, the future, money, etc. but my fingers are sore.  I’ll cover the rest of these things during my next post :)

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Pretty is Not Enough…

"Pretty is not enough. Pretty is nice. It’s fine. Pretty can turn heads, but beauty? Beauty can change the whole world. Pretty is what you are, but beauty is what you do with it. Pretty can lift spirits. Beauty makes them soar. So smile. Be bold. Show your beauty. When you put pretty into action, there’s no limit to what you can do."